Poli 100 Lec 5

Poli 100 Lec 5 - Political Values • The capacities of...

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Poli 100 Lecture 5 Notes The “Quiet Revolution” in Federalism The Rehnquist court and federalism Areas of activism Limits on Congress’ Authority to directly regulate other gov’ts The 11 th amendment and state sovereign immunity Who best defines national interests? Congress o Most directly elected group Courts o Not directly elected at all President o Not necessarily in the interest of the people Balance of the 3 is important when thinking about the national interest in general What criteria should be used in determining national interests Substantive Criteria (e.g. externalities, race to the bottom)
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Unformatted text preview: Political Values • The capacities of different levels of government School violence- Columbine High School Congress passed a law that made it illegal to carry a firearm/weapon in any place with is known/thought to be a school zone. United States v. Lopez Issue- the constitutionality of the Gun Free Schol Zones act Facts of the case The Gov’ts argument The authority to regulate interstate commerce Issues: What are the limits to federal power Who decides the “”national interest” Directtion of the Robert’s court What is the proper balance on Environment, Welfare, vili...
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Poli 100 Lec 5 - Political Values • The capacities of...

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