Poli 100 Lec 6

Poli 100 Lec 6 - ideas will compete o Influenced by...

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Nature of Public Opinion The aggregate beliefs/views of the citizenry on certain issues This can only be determined by asking individuals, however o Qualities of individual preference Salience Direction Intensity Stability Systematic differences exist between different social groups o Not because of innate differences, but because of different life experiences Opinion Public- groups for which the issues are a big deal? Determinants of Public Opinion Interests Socialization o Access to information, exchange of info o Agents of socialization School, peer groups, churches, workplace, family, media Marketplace of Ideas o A metaphorical “public forum” in which ideas are freely thrown around, in which
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Unformatted text preview: ideas will compete o Influenced by: political culture, media, education Education and The making of Citizens • The “Stakeholders” o Children o Parents o Society and the “State” • Education and Liberal Democracy o Core Values o Liberal Democratic Values and Predispositions o Skills for Citizenship Critical Thinking Deliberation Dilemma about Education o How to decide when kids have right to choose education yet still teach them which way we want them to learn Current Educational Debates • School Reform movement o Higher homeschool o More people in private and charter schools o Negative impact on public square • What school reforms do you support?...
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  • Fall '07
  • Rabinowitz
  • different social groups, Direction Intensity Stability, Values Liberal Democratic, o o Children Parents Society

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Poli 100 Lec 6 - ideas will compete o Influenced by...

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