Poli 100 Lec 12

Poli 100 Lec 12 - • War-making power o Constitutional...

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Presidential Powers I President’s powers have expanded over time From Washington to G. W. Bush The Original Intent – Limited Powers o Wanted president to be able to accomplish things but not become a dictator Powers changed to stronger role after Great Depression Factors strengthening the presidency Growth of the Federal Role Public Expectations Danger of War Television Has presidential power begun to decline? Separate Institutions sharing power The founder’s intent- Legislative Supremacy Conflict by constitutional design o Separate Elections o Shared powers Divided Government o Harms Harder for things to get done o Benefits More views/opinions represented President as “Head of State” “Head of state powers” Diplomatic Receive ambassadors
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Make Treaties Make Executive Agreements Judicial – Grant Pardons and Reprieves Military – Commander in Chief The Commander in Chief Domestic Use of Military Force – Eisenhower Intelligence Operations
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Unformatted text preview: • War-making power o Constitutional Provisions o Founder’s Intent o Practice Several times troops have been sent to action without congressional approval Though congress is responsible for declaring war, presidents usually start them first using direct military action Congress Reasserts its War Making Power • War Powers Resolution (1973) • Presidential noncompliance o Ford o Carter o Reagan o G H. Bush o Clinton • Judicial Non-intervention o Congress cannot control troops o Never have troops been taken away from the battlefield o Campbell v. Clinton, 2000 o Judicial Resolution – Chief Justice Rehnquist • Presidential Power o Head of State Powers – Has the president become too imperial? o The challenge of the war on Terrorism – what has been the impact on presidential power? Domestic InteligenceGathering and Security War with Iraq Military Commissions Act of 2006 & Habeas Corpus...
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Poli 100 Lec 12 - • War-making power o Constitutional...

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