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Arch 222 Monday, January 11 th notes in binder Wednesday, January 13 th notes English Neoclassicism – Neo-Palladian Gardens: a reaction to baroque, something more natural - Trees aren’t naturally planted in rows House arrangement: - Central block, flat walls, windows set in arches - To side blocks, basilican section of projected pieces - Compositionally change to clarity The Grand Hall - Large ionic columns, more complexity in stairs - Pantheon-like coffered ceiling - Clean-crisp architectonic Saloon - Still very architectonic, decorated with paintings of famous people Gallery - Plain walls, spatial volumes, little niches cut out, curved hemispherical domes on each end Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Not very successful as an architect but as a engraving - Who is better? Greek or roman - Italy wants to be the best - He does a series of engravings(drawings) of roman forms, promoting roman forms and ideas - Also does a series of jails, very complex, space and spatial drawings Syon House – Robert Adam Square shaped more-english looking house turn into - Entry hall x-pattern on floor, rather austere, with black and white and Tuscan columns - Ante room simple geometry, 1:1 relationships room made square by moving columns forward from wall freestanding columns are used more as decorative although they are holding these statues decorated frieze - Red drawing room Different look on ceiling, color in the medallions in coffered ceiling - Long gallery Very long skinny rectangular room Split the room up into a series of bays framed by Corinthian columns Uses ceiling to lead people down the room Adam’s interior decoration compared to rococo Sense of clarity, symmetrical, very carefully articulated – can count the number of pieces Stourhead - Garden is the interesting part, around the lake are these little pieces, a whole set of views Beauty: symmetry, axiality, classic proportions, alberti’s definition of architecture Picturesque: look at the world through a frame, look at it in terms of nature, naturally assymetrical, informal meandering paths, reaction to French formality
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has a grotto, a mini pantheon, Palladian bridge, and decorated paths - Grotto Artificial, man-made to look natural Little statues in small caves in the water - Pantheon Association-think of roman grandeur - Picturesque, difference of seasons Monday, February 18, 2008 The city of bath , was a resort town, had many hot springs turned into spas; picturesque on an urban square - Movement through bath, from one incident to another in a picturesque way Queen’s square: John Wood, the Elder (is son John Wood, the younger, - Terrace houses, rows of townhouses - He combines them to look like one huge palazzo-like façade The Circus: John Wood, the Elder - Circular shape of housing and social rooms - Has association with colosseum, - Stacking of orders, Tuscan, ionic, Corinthian - Another association with Stonehenge Royal Crescent: John Woods, the Youger - Half circle, one continuous façade - One giant order change of scale
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Test2Class Notes - Arch 222 Monday, January 11th notes in...

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