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CHAPTER 1 Congress-The First Branch Table 12.1 Including everyone, roughly 20,000 people The Organization of Congress 1) The Congressional Parties a. Speaker of the House-not as powerful as used to be b. Party Leadership: House-majority leader , minority leader , maintain party peace, assisted by whips, Democrats belong to party caucus and Republicans belong to party conference, vice president casts tie vote, president pro tempore honorific office given to most senior member, spend lots of time working on unanimous-consent agreements . Filibuster, cloture , to debate c. Today’s political congressional parties polarized, president’s image influences party election, parties more unified today 2) The Committee System a. 10-15% leave committee, standing committee are permanent, select committee temporary b. House committees: top are rules, appropriations, ways and means, and commerce. 2 nd level armed services, civil rights, agriculture, etc. lesser on third tier. c.
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