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Chap. 1: Rock’s Law, Moore’s Law, Olendaw’s Law, van Neumann architecture, van Neumann bottleneck, hierarchy of entire system (gates/circuits up to higher level), cost per GB problem, don’t worry about history kind of stuff. Chap. 2: 1011 -5 0101 5 00000101 1111011 000101 11011 11100111 -25 Booth’s alg., adding in other bases, NOT book’s version of floating points, but do know IEEE-754 standard version and know difference, complement systems, difference between carry and overflow, ASCII, know Unicode exists and know difference. Chap. 3: circuits, Boolean alg., identities, know rules about identities (i.e. DeMorgan’s law), NOT reconstructing flip-flops, know that there is something that exists that stores the opposite value, be able to recognize it, shape of all gates and draw them, gates more
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Unformatted text preview: core than Moore and Mealy machines. Chap. 4: NOT real world architectures like MIPS, know how assembly languages work Chap. 5: higher level stuff, addressing modes, pipeling Chap. 6: core chapter, last one, memory, most important is like question on exam, explain how hierarchy makes computer appear faster with such little cache etc? Chap. 7: high level knowledge of what’s going on there, know RAID levels Chap. 8: system software, high level, most important, 8.4, programming tools layer, e.g. linker, link editor, loader, know what they are and do no Chap 9 Chap 11; might be a question on here, but probably easy...
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