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Chris Capitolo 4/7/06 SSFT 212 Article 5 “Celestial Lives” by Patrick McCormick In his article, Patrick McCormick tells stories of famous past Christians such as Augustine and Teresa of Avilla. In doing this, he hopes to spur other Christians on to run the race until it is complete. How exactly does he hope to accomplish this? McCormick claims that in order to finish well, we must look at our past heroes and be urged to greatness that way. However, I believe that we do not need to look anywhere but the cross for our inspiration to lead a sanctified and holy life. Indeed, observing the cross takes looking back at the past, but if we turn around and don’t look far enough, we will see only the great things that other men have done. If we stop there, we will end up
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Unformatted text preview: striving to be as great as or even greater than the past heroes. It turns Christianity into a competition; it will make us do the right things for the wrong reasons. If we look to Jesus and what He did for us on the cross, we will live, not out of competition, rather out of respect and love for God and what He has given us; eternal life. Im sure Mr. McCormick meant no harm in relating some stories of great Christians to help spur us on, but we as individuals must always be watching our own motivations for why we do what we do. If it is out of personal gain or competition, maybe we should stop doing it for a while, even though it may be good, and get our priorities straight. No matter what, we always need to keep God first in our hearts and minds....
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