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Article 6 - gross overstatement of truth The fact is that...

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Chris Capitolo 5/1/06 SSFT 212 Article 6 “Science in Wonderland” by John Wilson In his article, Wilson mentions all the excitement that surrounded the recent “intelligent design” controversy and the different parties it stirred up. Surprisingly enough, even Rolling Stone chimed in with its view. But why do the evolutionists get upset and claim that this is something that’s never happened before and is threatening the good of all? Ever since evolution began, and before, there have been quacks here and there that try to get their own thing into the American classrooms. Sometimes it’s been creationism, sometimes not. However, no unconstitutional teaching has ever made it very far in our schools. To say that reason was at risk with the recent events would be a
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Unformatted text preview: gross overstatement of truth. The fact is that many evolutionists will use any opportunity to roll over and play hurt when nudged by advocates of intelligent design. Theyve been under attack before, their place is safely secured in Americas culture right now, and theyre not going to be bumped out by some upstart religion. The point is that everyone, on both sides, should be more professional with their approach to one another and reason it out with each other. There shouldnt be so much bickering and crying as there is now. Lets just try to maintain our positions as adults in this world and work problems out face to face. Lets not go cry about it to Rolling Stone....
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