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Chris Capitolo 2/17/06 SSFT 212 A Article 2 “The Christian Faith in an Inter-Faith Context” In this article, Carl E. Braaten, a Lutheran missionary born in Madagascar, answers 5 questions on the relationship between Christianity and other “outside” religions. He addresses each open-minded presenting oftentimes controversial remarks to commonly-accepted traditions. For example, he relates his parents’ experience in Madagascar, a very non-Christian nation, and tells us that when they arrived and established a church, they discovered that God had already been at work there despite the lack of Christianity. God is shown through general revelation even to heathens so that they can still awe Him despite knowing anything of Christ or the Gospel. In that, he goes so far as to say that someone who has never heard of Christ can still find favor with God through creation and things that God gives to all mankind.
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Unformatted text preview: Initially, this is grating to our established beliefs that say, “You must receive Jesus to be born again,” but it does provoke some thought. Jesus wasn’t born until 2,000 years ago. Is God so merciless as to send whole nations of people to hell just because they weren’t Jews and didn’t know about a coming Messiah? If not, then by what better means could He judge the ignorant to still separate the wheat from the chaff than use His splendor and glory displayed throughout nature? Even if one has never heard of “God”, he can easily know that He exists and rules supreme. One can accept it and fear God, or he can perpetually reject it and go on living in ignorant comfort. He has to struggle to reject general revelation his whole life, and if he does, then he’ll succeed in pushing God away forever....
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