BCW ch 9 - NAME_ Gary Scott Smith, "America: A Free...

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NAME__________________ Huma 201 Section ___ Gary Scott Smith, “America: A Free Society” Answer the following Reading Questions in complete sentences 1. Does Smith think that there is sufficient historical evidence to conclude that the United States is a Christian nation? (p. 260) “Because America’s roots are so diverse, the frequently heard argument that the United States is a Christian nation cannot be supported historically.” 2. According to Smith, many of the nation’s first setters were devout Christians. However, Smith argues, “American has never been or is ever likely to be a uniformly, thoroughly, consistently, or ever predominantly Christian nation.” What does this statement mean? (260- 61) “Since the arrival of the Puritans in the 1620s, the presuppositions of other world views have been mixed with Judeo-Christian ones in America, often by devout Christians.” 3. According to Smith, what two sets of values came together to provide the foundation for the new republic during the Revolutionary era? (261) “Enlightenment teachings and the colonists’ religious beliefs were merged into a political religion that stimulated Americans to revolt against England.” 4. According to Smith, what principles did Enlightenment and Christian views have in common despite the fact that their views were rooted in very different assumptions? (262) “Principles drawn from both the Enlightenment and Christian world views … taught that humans lust for power, that public virtue is possible, and that society should be built upon
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BCW ch 9 - NAME_ Gary Scott Smith, "America: A Free...

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