American Materialism

American Materialism - of the “brand name” in the...

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Casey Kinner August 31, 2007 English 104 Dirty Laundry As I sit in my dorm, contemplating my newly gained responsibilities as a college student, my eyes dart to my ever-growing pile of dirty laundry. As I dive into that pile and begin dividing darks from whites, I realize the importance of what these items of clothing actually mean to me as a person and how they represent a culture I live in. As I start on the task of cleaning clothes, and can’t help but smile to myself. Nothing may represent my procrastination more than this pile of dirty clothes. While my roommate and other friends did their laundry days ago, I have put it off telling myself that I will do it tomorrow. As I stare at the pile, I’m forced to ask myself, “Do I really need all these clothes?” Grabbing a few polos, I can’t help but notice the name brands. Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and Billabong run rampant throughout my wardrobe. I think of the power
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Unformatted text preview: of the “brand name” in the American culture, how a simple blue shirt can cost $40 only because it is branded with a name revered by the public. I begin to think of how materialistic a culture I live in. My clothing reveals a nation obsessed with vanity, overly focused on the external, often paying more intention to what a person wears than who they are as a person. Indeed, in my culture brand names play an important role in a person’s identity. I glance into my closet and notice a few items of clothing that I don’t particularly like, items that are there only because of the tag in the back. My thoughts turn inward as I ask myself, what does that say about me? I think about my own need to feel accepted and hunger for approval. In many ways the clothes we wear cry out the timeless desire to love and be loved....
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American Materialism - of the “brand name” in the...

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