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Evelyn Liou Classical Mythology Igler Journal # 9 What is a hero? A hero is a man or woman of distinguished courage, admired for his or her brave deeds. Famous heroes that everybody would know are Superman or Spiderman. There are many heroes in mythology but one of them is very divine and well known. His name is Heracles and my favorite hero. He is more known as Hercules in Western culture and Rome. He is the greatest of all the Greek heroes
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Unformatted text preview: and the son of Zeus. I like him because he is so brave and l like the fact when he was a baby he killed two serpents that was going to killed him. I feel sorry for Heracles because he had to perform ten tasks for Eurystheus, the king of Mycenae, and five other tasks for Omphale, the queen of Lydia. Even though he had to do those tough tasks, he is one of my favorite heroes of Greek mythology....
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