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Evelyn Liou Classical Mythology Igler Artemis’ Pursuit for Love Hi! My name is Artemis. I am a woman seeking a man to date. I am 20 years old. I am 5’ 7”. I have brown eyes and black hair. I am an outdoorsy person and I love animals. I am a really fun person. My fashion accessories are my bow and arrow. I always bring my dogs and some female companions with me. I also carry a stuffed tiger, Bubble, with me. My dream date is a moonlight walk in the woods with a special guy. I am looking for that special someone. I am a virgin and hang out in the woods all the time, which means I never have the chance to meet nice guys. I am trying to find a partner who I can hang out with so I can fall in love with and hang out with when I feel lonely. That is why I am using this route to find true love. I chose to write a personal ad because I can’t find a guy because of my virginity. Like most people, I have qualities that are good and bad. I will explain my good qualities first. My good qualities are taking care of
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