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Due date #1, Jan. 23: Think of a story from your childhood, one that has stuck with you. Describe it and explain what attracted you to it – what qualities, what emotions. What do you think the hidden messages are in your story? #2, Jan. 24: Describe a dream, one you either have regularly or one you’ve only had once. What do you think this dream is telling you? Do you think the dream is saying anything about your character, your fears, etc.? #3, Jan 30,31: Choose an abstract idea – justice, anger, envy, danger, laziness, jealousy, etc. – and personify it, giving it human-like characteristics. To get started, ask yourself such questions as “Is it male or female? What expression does it wear? Does it talk? What sort of clothes does it wear? Is it friendly or mean?” Write a detailed description (150 words) or draw it. #4, Feb. 2: Read the introduction to Hamilton. After reading, jot down one idea or image
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Unformatted text preview: about Greek mythology that you remember from the writing. 50-100 words. #5, Feb 13: Look at the word or phrase you were assigned in class. Define it, then explain what it has to do with mythology. #6, Feb. 28: Pick a woman from mythology who was portrayed in a negative manner. Briefly retell her story. 125 words. This was originally done in class. #7: March 12: In Hamilton, read the short myths involving King Midas, Aeschalupais, Castor and Pollux, and Daedalus and Icarus. Pick one of these myths and write 100 words explaining its symbolism. #8: March 17: What is your definition of Tragedy? After reading Hamilton’s section on Oedipus (pp. 268-273), why do you think this myth is considered one of the great tragedies in Greek mythology. 125 words....
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