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Evelyn Liou Classical Mythology Igler Journal # 8 A tragedy is any event that has a sad or unfortunate outcome. In a tragedy, the main character(s) usually dies. An example of this is Romeo and Juliet or Oepidus. Oedipus is a considered to be a tragedy because he made decisions that led to his downfall, which could have been avoidable. There was a prophecy when he was just a baby that he was
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Unformatted text preview: going to murder his father and marry his mother. A few years after that prophecy was told, he heard from the Oracle of Delphi that he was destined to kill his father and wed his mother. So the prophecy made it more difficult and scary for Oedipus so he wanted to try to avoid it. He also wants it not to happen so he fled from home to a mountain. So that is how Oedipus is a tragedy....
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