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Soc 134 03112008 - Dan Homstad 3/11/08 Soc 134 The books...

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Dan Homstad 3/11/08 Soc 134 The books are all in at Room of One’s Own (307 W Johnson St.) The Eugenics Movement Almost as soon as slavery ended, wealthy whites stopped viewing the fertility of African Americans as a resource and began to treat it as a threat to their own political and economic supremacy. Whites feared that they were allowing non-whites to “outbreed” them; thus threatening the “suicide” of the white race. Demographic race – attempt by one or more ethnic groups to gain political power by outbreeding rival groups. In the mid and late 1800’s the birthrate for native-born, white, middle and upper class women began to fall from over seven live births to a little under four. The birthrate for immigrants, non- whites, and the poor remained high. Eugenics: race as destiny “The Negro has strong impulsive passions, and neither patience, reticence, not dignity. He is warm-hearted, loving toward his master’s children, and idolised by the children in return. He is eminently gregarious… and is endowed with such a constitutional vigor and is so prolific that his race is irrepressibly.” “Will the West be filled by our own children or by those of aliens? This is a question our women must answer. Upon their loins depends the future destiny of the nation.” Dr. Horatio Storer 1869 One result recurs persistently wherever American children are tested by nationality of ancestors. American children of Italian parentage show sa low average of intelligence. The sselection of Italians received into this country has yielded very few gifted children… Eugenics would ultimately reduce misery if the stupid, the criminals… or lower IQ tests = stupid people Attempts were made to boost birthrates among those considered most fit (“Positive Eugenics”). By criminalizing abortion and contraception, which white upper-class women had begun to use
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Soc 134 03112008 - Dan Homstad 3/11/08 Soc 134 The books...

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