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AEM 241 8.27

AEM 241 8.27 - Show it off in the “Showcase”*Big steps...

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8.27.2007 AEM 241 Overview Everyone is assigned into teams Email TA first What is a marketing plan: Acts as a road map for the marketing strategy Assists in control and implementation of a strategy Informs participants of their roles Assists in helping to obtain resources (funding) A written document that helps you manage the process of creating (more) customers for a business Big Steps Analyze product/service Understand the industry the business is part of Understand the target consumer Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business Development of promotional materials Put it all together in a finalized professional plan
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Unformatted text preview: Show it off in the “Showcase” *Big steps broken down into 3 components (big hw assignments) throughout the semester, a final marketing plan, and a tradeshow presentation-Each Sunday afternoon a draft of the component is due Teams • Select 3 teammates • Each team has their own TA • 2 peer evaluations during the semester • Sit with your team in your assigned seats Tips for success • Watch syllabus (many Wednesdays are cancelled) Grading • Draft components 15% • Component Assignments (3) 25% • Showcase Display/Presentation 25% • Final Plan-• F-• Best Marketing Plan= A+ • Best at Show Case= A+...
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AEM 241 8.27 - Show it off in the “Showcase”*Big steps...

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