Final - Analyzing Arguments

Final - Analyzing Arguments - Adam 1 Afnan Adam J....

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Adam 1 Afnan Adam J. Tootalian English 104-515 September 13, 2007 Identity Life Crisis Is it possible for minorities to start losing their identities and have an “identity life crisis”? The new generations of British Muslims have found many problems in discovering their identities. Some third generation Muslims are seeking ways to peacefully assimilate into society. They are asking questions about their identity with greater emphasis about religious identity and the differences between culture and religion. Sophie Gilliat-Ray, the author of “Multiculturalism and Identity: Their relationship for British Muslims , makes a powerful argument regarding this issue by stating that “the plurality of competing secular ideologies has the potential to change the foundations of Islam, and draw young Muslims away from the values and traditions their parents have nurtured into them” (Gilliat-Ray,1). Sophie’s strong argument has been taken into consideration in England and around the world due to her simplistic writing style which is appealing to any type of audience, and her extensive use of accurate evidence. Ray starts off the argument by stating that Muslims’ “identity concerns are bound up with
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Final - Analyzing Arguments - Adam 1 Afnan Adam J....

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