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Unformatted text preview: Project Report Requirements/Format: Your tech reports must be in the form of a technical memo; the format is shown on the following pages. Section descriptions are given below and on the following pages, and you need to modify the example given as explained below: 1. The “TO” section identifies the recipient of the memo by name and title – professor or responsible TA or peer teacher – so insert the appropriate name and title. Hint: people like to see their names and titles used properly; you can find them given correctly on the syllabus. 2. The “FROM” section identifies you (or group members when the memo is from the entire team) by name, team, and course/section number, so insert your name if it is an individual assignment, the name of your company, team number, the members in your team if it is a group assignment, and course and section numbers. 3. The “RE” (regarding; i.e., subject) section is equivalent to a title and tells what the memo is about as completely and concisely as possible, so insert the task performed in a single phrase, including the name/number of the task if any. 4. In the “DATE” section, insert the date the correspondence is created. All work notes, sketches, analysis, etc., should be dated on the day the work is done. For example, if you do your design sketch on Friday, put Friday’s date on it in an appropriate location. Then, if you do your memo on Saturday, put Saturday’s date on it in the “DATE” section. 5. Change the first heading from “SUMMARY OF THIS MEMO” to “SUMMARY,” and write a brief overview of the task that you set out to perform, the specifications, and your solution, including a summary of major findings, conclusions, recommendations and difficulties. Background info is not to be included here. 6. In the “PROBLEM DESCRIPTION” section, you are to briefly describe the problem you are solving, with a very little background and more detail than in the summary section. Remember, this section cannot exceed 200 words. 7. In the “METHOD” section, give details as to how/why you designed or built the truss the way you did. The method you are using is the construction of a physical model. So you should include brief instructions as to how to build the truss. 8. In the “RESULTS AND DISCUSSION” section, in subsequent TMs you will give the calculations as to why your truss is stable. For now, discuss the symmetry of your truss. Since Task 1.3 asks for a proposed truss configuration, which is to be your major finding, conclusion, Task 1....
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tech memo format - thomasson - Project Report...

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