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technical memo carousel

technical memo carousel - electric motor Because the number...

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TO: Dr. Thomasson FROM: Afnan Adam, Team 2 RE: Carousel Project DATE: December 4, 2007 SUMMARY OF THIS MEMO This memorandum explains our task of designing and constructing a working carousel. The overall objectives of this project are to 1) design a carousel or carousel that meets certain operational requirements and constraints, 2) model, refine, and optimize your design using a combination of first principles, and 3) construct a working model of your design using LEGO ® parts from a kit provided to you and your team. The overall goal of your design is to provide fun-seeking patrons with a safe, yet exhilarating ride. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION One of the predominant characteristics of a typical carousel is that the wheel operates in a horizontal plane parallel to the ground. They can be driven with belt, friction, chain, or gear drives coupled with an
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Unformatted text preview: electric motor. Because the number of riders and their individual weights may vary from gondola to gondola, a properly designed merry go round must operate safely and effectively in the presence of a non-uniform circumferential weight distribution. As a widely recognized ride at traveling carnivals and fairs, many merry go rounds are designed to be portable. Some of these portable Carousels can be quite large and it is generally impractical to move them without disassembling them first. Inasmuch, ‘portable’ Carousels are generally as lightweight as possible without sacrificing safety. Other features found on these types of Carousels include provisions for rider safety and comfort, ease of assembly and operation, and the ability to change the rotational speed of the Carousel. METHODS RESULTS AND DISCUSSION CONCLUSIONS...
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