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midterm 2 fall 2002

Linear Algebra with Applications

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Name: __________________________________________ Math 21b Midterm 2 Tuesday, November 19 th , 2002 Please circle your section: Tom Judson Katherine Visnjic (CA) MWF 9-10 Andy Engelward Jakub Topp (CA) MWF 10-11 Andy Engelward Erin Aylward (CA) MWF 11-12 Question Points Score 1 18 2 14 3 12 4 16 5 16 6 10 7 14 Total 100 You have two hours to take this midterm. Pace yourself by keeping track of how many problems you have left to go and how much time remains. You don't have to answer the problems in any particular order. So move on to another problem if you find you're stuck and that you are spending too much time on one problem. To receive full credit on a problem, you will need to justify your answers carefully - unsubstantiated answers, even if correct, will receive little or no credit (except if the directions for that question specifically say no justification is necessary, such as the True/False). Please be sure to write neatly - illegible answers will also receive little or no credit. If more space is needed, use the back of the previous page to continue your work. Be sure to make a note of that so that the grader knows where to find your answers.
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