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Results 1) The actual measured weight (using the triple beam balance) of the aluminum cylinder in air was .2915 kg, while for the plastic cylinder it was .1035 kg. However, plugging into the equation W actual = W app + W overflow for each we find that Archimedes principle yields a calculated weight of .2776 kg for the aluminum cylinder and .0868 kg for the plastic cylinder. The percent error for the aluminum cylinder was 4.77% and for the plastic was 16.1%. The aluminum calculation was relatively close to an acceptable answer with errors coming probably from the sting and uneven distribution of force and pressure due
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Unformatted text preview: to bobbing. However the error in the plastic cylinder calculation was most likely from the fact that the cylinder also bobbed during the calculation causing waves in the water and therefore more overflow. 2) As shown by the graphs trend line R^2 value, the best-fit line is extremely close to linear therefore verifying Stokes Law. The slope of the graph is 68720 and can be used to find the viscosity of the mineral oil by the equation: Where slope= 68720=...
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