11-21-06 - 11-21-06We believe that women are...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-21-06We believe that women are “naturally” suited to take better care of kids, that’s why they are usually the ones awarded custody of kids.When a female in a high position screws up, it’s attributed to her time of the month or she’s a bitch, when a male screws up nothing is said and he is mad b/c something needs to be fixed. Women not seen as credible as menLearned behavior raising childrenCootnz:De-politicizing – getting rid of the charge words that are thrown around every election that mean nothing in terms of helping people with their familiesFamily values experts have slammed working women for 15 years, but she thinks that the politics should be taken out of itPopino – a very functionalist sociologist – studied under Talcot Parsons – his suggestion to working women is “sequencing” – IF women are going to work, then they should work before children are born, after children are in school, and then only working during school hours so you can be there when children get home from school. Women can’t develop a career that way, and many places will not allow women to do this b/c school gets out early, and part-time jobs do not include benefitsThe rolelessness of teenagers in today’s society – in earlier generation teenagers as young as 14 were already working fulltime, then as soon as they got their HS degree they would for sure go on to work fulltime, without plans for college. IF teenagers are working it’s part time and so they can use the money to spend – not contributing to household income. That gives them a period of time when they are dependent on parents for a place to live and money, but at the same...
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11-21-06 - 11-21-06We believe that women are...

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