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Notes for first test - Sociology the study of social...

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Sociology – the study of social behavior; the study of human behavior as people interact with each other. -hard to be completely objective b/c there are humans involved -must recognize our bias and admit limitations to your study. -unit of analysis matters for perspective you take. -paradox: society reproduces itself socially. For a society to survive, it must reproduce; stability & persistence. At the same time there is constant social change. -difficult to focus on both in the same study. Contributors Auguste Comte “Queen of sciences” known for giving it the name sociology. French Harriet Martineau Known for translating Comte’s works to English. Woman advocate, abolitionist. One of first femistic writers. British-American, later years didn’t go to south b/c of slavery Karl Marx Instrumental in developing & contributing to the conflict perspective in sociology. His idea: economy & type of economic arrangements was the engine that drove society. Capitalists influenced & contributed to all of the social relations. Basic idea of capitalistic system is that there are 2 major groups: “owners of the means & production” and “workers” who have one thing they can sell – their labor. Workers & owners will always be at odds because workers want $ to survive and owners want a profit. “Conflict Perspective” Reacting to industrial revolution, which was a big change b/c it was the first time people had to leave home to go to work. Herbert Spencer English. Thesis: social evolution is similar to biological evolution, so we shouldn’t interfere w/ social reproduction. “only the strong survive” No need to intervene in any circumstance b/c poor will die out and strong will survive. Problem: He believes humans
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This note was uploaded on 03/28/2008 for the course SOCI 101 taught by Professor Shanahan during the Fall '08 term at UNC.

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Notes for first test - Sociology the study of social...

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