E1ANSsp08 - Astronomy 101 Spring Semester 2008 Answers to...

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Astronomy 101 Name _________________________ Spring Semester 2008 Honor Pledge ___________ Answers to Sample Exam #1 (Initial) TRUE-FALSE (10 points) 1. __T__Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum. 2. __T__Rotation can broaden (blur) the absorption lines of a star. 3. __T__In hydrogen’s spectrum the transition from the First Excited State to the Ground State is NOT seen in visible light. 4.__T__According to Kepler’s First Law, the Sun is always located at one of the FOCAL POINTS OF ALL PLANETARY ORBITS. 5.__F__The discovery of Stellar Parallax by Tycho Brahe was a major breakthrough supporting the heliocentric model of the Solar System. 6.__F__If the electron in an atom jumps from a smaller to a larger radius Bohr orbit, the atom has emitted some light. 7. __T__Single dish radio telescopes have poor angular resolution because radio waves have such long wavelengths compared to optical light. 8. __F__Visible light makes up the largest part of the electromagnetic spectrum. 9. __T__The Doppler effect occurs for all types of wave motion. 10.__F__The Ptolemaic (geocentric) Model of the Solar System FAILED to provide an explanation for RETROGRADE MOTION. MULTIPLE CHOICE (18 points) 11. __C__If you observe a hot star through a cool cloud of gas what type of spectrum will you see? (A) Continuous (B) Emission Line (C) Absorption Line 12. __A__What is the resolving power of a telescope? (A) Its ability to distinguish two adjacent objects in the sky
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E1ANSsp08 - Astronomy 101 Spring Semester 2008 Answers to...

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