Outline--Community-Cultural Life Puritans

Outline--Community-Cultural Life Puritans - COMMUNITY &...

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AMONG THE PURITANS I. Motivations for Puritan Settlement of Massachusetts Protestant Reformation o Puritans Want to Reform Anglican Church o Major religious upheaval in Europe o The Catholic church was a very powerful hierarchy of people o The church became very corrupt and began taking bribes called indulgences that would reduce the bribers amount of time in purgatory. o In the 1500s the King of England decided to break away from the Catholic Church and stopped recognizing the authority of the church. o There were a handful of people that thought that the Church of England had not broken away from Catholicism enough. There was still too much of a hierarchy and was too complicated for religion. These reformers were called Puritans. o In the 1600s the King launched a campaign against puritans and decided that England had control over all religious practices. The King was afraid that the puritans would turn into a political opposition. o This made the Puritans think that they could not worship in England and that they needed to leave. Economic Conditions in England o Income to small farmers is decreasing - This encompassed many of the Puritans o Puritans believed that the small population of wealthy people was too individualistic. o
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Outline--Community-Cultural Life Puritans - COMMUNITY &...

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