Outline--Economic and Social Life 18C

Outline--Economic and Social Life 18C - ECONOMIC &...

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IN THE 18 TH CENTURY COLONIES Economic Life during the 18 th Century Southern Colonies o Plantation Owners Fully Engaged w/ Markets Small groups of really wealthy plantations that displayed the message that if you can risk it, you can be rich. o Small-Scale Farmers Often Aspired to Be Large Planters Mostly subsistence, maybe a little extra for export to buy more supplies / land New England o Farmers: Subsistence Agriculture Large scale production was not possible for the most part. Though the soil was not as productive, the coastal area was much more productive than anywhere else o Merchants: Prosperous Trans-Atlantic Trade No matter what class you are, you are engaged in the markets Pennsylvania o William Penn Founded Pennsylvania Member of a vary wealthy family, and a member of the Society of Friends or the Quakers Believed very strongly in religious freedom Pacifists Women and men were essentially equal Made agreements with the Natives and treated them fairly. Thomas Penn however did not feel the same way about natives as his father. He wanted to make as much money as possible. The Penn and Delaware agreement said that they would by land that a man could walk in a day and a half. Thomas had the forest cleared so that they run faster and cover more land
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Outline--Economic and Social Life 18C - ECONOMIC &...

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