Outline--Europe and Americas in 15C and 16C

Outline--Europe and Americas in 15C and 16C - EUROPE &...

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1EUROPE & THE AMERICAS IN THE 15 TH TH CENTURIES I. Early Modern Europe A. 1. Feudalism System of social organization that dominated Western Europe Lords who controlled the land who gave military support Knights would fight for parcels of land from the lords Power is decentralized (Political and Military) 2. Catholic Church Carried lots of power and land Heads of church would carry lots of political power Religious services were a show with ornate presentation Church’s were strict on its rules Monks were the most educated Individualism was punished B. The Renaissance: Rebirth of Secular Knowledge 1. Rise of Merchant Class Urban and secular phenomenon Based mostly in Italy Merchant class funds the renaissance 2. Humanism: Human Potential Unlimited Value ancient thinking, art, literature, and philosophy for its values about this world Ancient philosophy can instruct people and individuals Pursuing excellence should be a goal of mankind Humans determine history Not Anti-Christian, but challenge the focus on the afterlife C. Rise of Nation-States 1. Crusades Christians fought the Muslims in the Middle East to gain back the holy lands Lords would die off in the crusades and were slowly replaced by Monarchs 2. Merchants Ally w/ Monarchs to Improve Trade Crusades allowed for trade with Asia More knowledge gained from the Middle East Trade usually occurred over land, but every country wanted a water route to the Far East
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II. Spanish Colonization of the Americas
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Outline--Europe and Americas in 15C and 16C - EUROPE &...

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