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Outline--Imperial Crisis and Independence

Outline--Imperial Crisis and Independence - IMPERIAL CRISIS...

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1 IMPERIAL CRISIS & COLONIAL INDEPENDENCE I. English Citizens in American Colonies England was becoming a rising power in the colonies over the French and the Spanish. John Adams o The Revolution was affected before the war commenced. It was in the minds and hearts of the people. The fighting was a result of the revolution. Anglicization o To become English in form or character o Colonists were establishing a greater pride for being English citizens. Already Spoke English Anti-Catholic Colonial Administrators will be influenced by leaders from London because it was the Political, Economic, and Cultural Capitol Colonists wanted to mimic importance of English Leaders Trade with England & Trade among Colonies o Creates a closer identification with England and other English colonies. o Trade from one colony to another increased about 400%. Very profitable trade from port town to port town is increased. Seven Years War / French & Indian War o England and France are at war over the land in the New World o Colonists are going to fight along side the English army to expel the French from North America o Newspapers – Cover all sorts of issues and create a Continental Influence.
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