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Outline--Servants and Slaves in Colonial VA

Outline--Servants and Slaves in Colonial VA - SERVANTS...

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1 SERVANTS & SLAVES IN COLONIAL VIRGINIA I. Economic Motivations for English Colonization of North America A. Mercantilism Wealth is finite and limited. Any interaction economically, one side will benefit at the expense of the other. For a nation to prosper, it needs to export more than it imports. Colonies can provide resources, and an outlet for finished goods. o Use the resources from the colonies to sell the final good back to the colony B. Opportunity for Unemployed Laborers Agriculture was mostly on susistence Agriculture shifted to mass production High population of unemployed workers, falling wages, rising prices, real wages declined 50% in England II. Indentured Servants & Plantation Agriculture Indentured Servants – A person would enter into a formal agreement that said I will work for you for a certain amount of time in the new world. After that they will be free and can do what they want. By the 1640s, there is a decline in indentured servants and an increase in slavery. o Slavery was much more prominent in Europe than the Americas In ancient Rome and Greece, slavery was not a race issue, but more being part of the losing side of a war.
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