Outline--Federalists and Republicans

Outline--Federalists and Republicans - FEDERALISTS...

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1 The United States was originally not supposed to have Parties in fear of Factions emerging James Madison – Said that the size of the united states was so large and diverse that factions and parties would not emerge Divisive Issues & Opposing Responses Hamilton’s Economic Program o Federal Assumption of State Debt, Bank of U.S. Federal and State debt brought on by the revolution. The Federal government assumed the debt of the states. o Hamilton’s Goal: Strong Federal Government Implied Powers – The government does what it has to do to get its job done. Broad political goals focused on economic issues Buy back the debt of the states and redeems the states currencies Bank of the United States o Privately Funded o Issues Notes National Tariff on Foreign goods Get the wealthiest people onboard with the Federal Government Hopes American Elites are going to produce goods for the world market
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Outline--Federalists and Republicans - FEDERALISTS...

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