Outline--Presidency of Jackson

Outline--Presidency of Jackson - Most whites in south...

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1 THE PRESIDENCY OF ANDREW JACKSON Indian Removal o Whites believe that Natives are innately inferior now instead of just held back by their environment o Natives then are not fit for any of the rights or responsibilities for a representative government and should not have rights to land that whites want to use. o Institutionally – The government treated Native Americans as a Sovereign nation Cherokee in Georgia o Take the Natives out and move them hundreds of miles West o Trying to reduce the Cherokee to the status of freed blacks o Cherokee tried to sue First, Cherokee were a domestic nation, and could not sue at the state level Indian Removal Act – Unconstitutional – Congress has the right to negotiate treaties. The land was given to the natives as a part of a treaty. Opposition to Tariff Centered in South Carolina o South Carolina had more Slaves than Whites
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Unformatted text preview: Most whites in south Carolina are slave owners, thus more support for slavery o John Calhoun’s Doctrine of Nullification Jackson Asserts Federal Authority Regarding Tariff o But: Jackson Also Affirms Agrarian Self-Sufficiency & States Rights Bank War Divisions Regarding Bank of United States Jackson Destroys Bank 2 nd Two Party Systems Opposition to Jackson Galvanizes Formation of Whigs Democrats: Jeffersonian Legacy of Support for Small Farmers, Suspicion of Federal Power; Strongest in South & Southwest Whigs: Federalist Legacy of Support for Strong Federal Government & Commercial Expansion; Strongest in New England & Upper Mid-West Overall: Increased Voter Participation, Party Loyalty, & Organized Party Structures Popular Culture & Mass Politics Changes in Newspaper Publishing Use of Rallies & Marches to Mobilize Voters Conclusion Jacksonian Democracy Was Major Shift from Republicanism of Founding Generation...
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Outline--Presidency of Jackson - Most whites in south...

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