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1 Review Questions for Second Exam 1. What were the major differences between Federalists and Republicans? How did they react to events in the 1790s, and what were their visions for future of America? 2. What were the causes and consequences of the War of 1812? 3. What was the market revolution? How did agriculture and transportation change in America during the antebellum decades? What were the political effects of the market revolution? 4. How did politicians like Martin Van Buren understand political parties? What kind of party organizational structure did Van Buren & the Bucktails create?
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Unformatted text preview: What explains the popularity of Andrew Jackson and his election as President? 5. What were the major issues that Andrew Jackson confronted as President, & how did he respond to these issues? Why was there growing opposition to Jackson? What were the key differences between the Democrats and the Whigs? 6. What changes led to the growth of the middle and working classes in the antebellum decades? How did Irish immigrants experience life in northeastern cities? 7. What were the key assumptions of reformers in the antebellum era? Who participated in reform movements? 1...
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