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Art Exam 1 Review
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Art Exam 1 Review Aesthetic Pertaining to the appreciation of the beautiful, as opposed to the functional or utilitarian, and, by extension, to the appreciation of any form of art, whether overtly beautiful or not 4 traditional roles of the artist Record the world o The Rocky Mountains, Landers Peak ; Albert Bierstadt To give tangible form to feelings o The Central Mountain ; Wu Chen To reveal hidden or universal truths o Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming ; Erna Motna To help us see the world in a new or innovative way o Spiral Jetty ; Robert Smithson The creative process From seeing to imagining to making Physical and psychological process of seeing Physical o Can be divided into three steps Reception External stimuli enter the nervous system through our eyes Extraction The retina takes the information it needs and then sends it to the visual cortex which processes the stimuli 100 millions sensors in the retina but only 5 million to the visual cortex The visual cortex gathers special information about what you’re seeing, including o Color
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o Motion o Orientation o Size Inference What you see is what your visual cortex extracts from the information that the retina sends it o Seeing is therefore a creative process It makes conclusions about the world It represents the world for you by selecting out information Psychological o Everything you see is filtered through a long history of fears, prejudices, desires, emotions, customs and beliefs, both your own and the artist’s Jasper Johns’ Three Flags Because the flag shrinks before you, it becomes less grand and physically smaller, it seems to diminish the very idea that America stands for What category of sculpture does the Spiral Jetty fit into? Earthwork sculpture Wu Chen’s painting the central mountain is based in part on a traditional system of beliefs that references the relationships of the opposites. What two terms are attached to this belief system? What is the medium of Wu Chen’s painting? Yin o Nurturing and passive, and is represented by the earth in the general and by cool moist valleys of the landscape in particular Yang o Generative and active, it is represented by the sun and the mountain Handscroll, ink on paper Faith Ringgold’s God Bless America features references to an American flag. How has Ringgold used stripes on the flag?
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As prison or jail cell bars Object that are created purely to simulate a sense of beauty within the viewer could be described as _______ Aesthetic Albert Bierstadt’s The Rocky Mountains doesn’t really represent a specific location in the American West. What was Bierstadt’s inspiration for the scene? The Alps
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