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Biomechanics Mid-Term Practice Exam 1. Biomechanics is: 1. the application of mechanic principles to the study of living organisms 2. human mechanics combined with the principles of mechanical process 3. the identification of forces acting on the body in all four planes (ie. Medially, laterally, horizontaly, and vertically) with respects to its mechanics 4. the notion that mechanical principles can be applied to human joints along with its linear and angular components 5. none of the above 2. In terms of anatomical position, the hip is viewed as: 1. inferior to the head 2. proximal to the head 3. at mid-line to the head 4. caudal to the head 5. 6. 7. none of the above 3. An axis is defined as: 1. an area where rotation takes place 2. a line that intersects the x and y axis at point (0, 0) 3. a perpendicualr line that passes through a plane 4. a line that passes through the body at mid-line 4. A human cadaver is being disected. The students were instructed to make a sagittal cut on the lateral side of the right half of the body, in order to expose the liver. A sagittal cut would divide the body in what parts: 1. top and bottom 2. front and back 3. right and left
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355_Review_Midterm_PE - Biomechanics Mid-Term Practice Exam...

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