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Courtney White EXSP 355 Differences in Velocities and Jump Heights Using a Compliant Mat and a Stiff Mat Introduction: Many sports require the act of jumping. The condition in which an athlete jumps can vary immensely depending on the sport. For example, a basketball player will jump from a hard smooth, flat surface, while a sand volleyball player will jump from an unstable, soft surface. Knowing how the differences between surfaces can impact an athlete’s ability to perform a jump can enable trainers and coaches to properly train athletes to perform in such conditions. One study conducted actually compared the biomechanical differences when jumping from a hard surface and jumping from sand. This study was conducted with sand volleyball players in mind. The researchers found that jump height was smaller when jumping from sand than that of the hard surface. They also noted a greater hip extension when jumping from sand (Giatsis George, Kollias Iraklis, Panoutsakopoulos Vasillios, Papaiakovou George). The purpose of our study was to determine if there were any differences in height and jump velocities when comparing between a stiff surface and a compliant surface. With Giatsis’ study in mind, it was hypothesized that the jump heights on the soft, compliant surface would be smaller than the jumps from the hard, stiff surface. It was also hypothesized that if jump height was smaller on the soft surface, then jump velocity would be smaller from the soft surface as well.
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Method: The subjects used for this experiment were both male and female. There were six males and two females. The subjects had an average age of 21, height of 179
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WhiteLab1 - Courtney White EXSP 355 Differences in...

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