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Laura Miller Art History 202 September 26, 2007 Formal Analysis: The Triumph of Galatea The Triumph of Galatea , an oil-on-canvas painting, now in the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison Wisconsin (Figure 1), was painted by Noel-Nicolas Coypel in the early eighteenth century. The framed image is thirty-six inches tall by fifty inches wide. The subject of this painting is a young woman reclined in a relaxed position with her arm above her head casually holding a drapery. Although this young woman dominates the main pictorial area there are other figures and a landscape background present. The painting is a visual mythological narrative. Through color, line, and space Coypel created a richly idealized mythological scene displaying Galatea’s triumph and victory. Coypel used a wide variety of colors, ranging from subtle earthly tones to rich vibrant hues. The viewer’s initial focus is drawn to the center where the dominant color is red. The woman in the center is holding a large piece of scarlet drapery above her head as it seems to blow behind her in the wind. All of the bright dramatic colors used by Coypel are presented in the foreground of the painting with the exception of the bright blue used in the top left corner to illustrate the sky. The woman, who is the main focal
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Art History 202 paper 1 - Laura Miller Art History 202...

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