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hw#7 - SoLhTteN MAE 261 NW#7‘ Sue Aorii 2 2006 it The...

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Unformatted text preview: SoLhTteN MAE 261 NW #7‘ Sue Aorii 2?, 2006 it The Apoiio vehioie enters the earth’s atmosphere at t2 kmis on a haiiistic trajectory. The hailietic parameter for Apoilo was mi(CDS) =7» 325 kgimz. 'i'he maximum deceleration during entry is it) sea—lave! g’e. a) Caioutate the entry angle 95. hi Calculate the attitude and speed at maximum deoeieration. 2. The Space Shuttie Orbiter is oerferming a iifting entry with a iift parameter of rev/((318) e 429 kg/mz. The heating rate per unit area at the nose of the Orbiter is given by dQ/dt = {p/pome/VCO)?’ x twee Wiomz where pg: ”i225 itglrh3 and V00: 7,896 kmls a) Caiouiate the density, p, where the heating rate ie a maximum, to) Caiouiate V at the attitude of maximum heating rate. o) Caioaiate the maximum vaiue oi dare. §GL§T.WM Ti“) NW? 2‘“ WW WE P.27Wé ...
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