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Note 4 - molecules B Moderation of temperature 1 Heat of...

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Title: Water and the Fitness of the Environment 3/37/08 Biology 301 Ch. 3 -Water and the Fitness of the Environment I. The polarity of water molecules results in hydrogen bonding A. Polar molecule: A molecule (such as water) with opposite charges on opposite sides B. Hydrogen bonds between water molecules. The charged regions of a polar water molecule are attracted to oppositely charged parts of neighboring molecules. Each molecule can hydrogen–bond to multiple partners, and these associations are constantly changing II. Four emergent properties of water contribute to Earth’s fitness for life A. Cohesion 1. Def: The binding together of like molecules, often by hydrogen bonds 2. Adhesion: The attraction between different kinds of molecules 3. Surface tension: A measure of how difficult it is to stretch or break the surface of a liquid. Water has a high surface tension because of the hydrogen bonding of surface
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Unformatted text preview: molecules B. Moderation of temperature 1. Heat of vaporization: The quantity of heat a liquid must absorb for 1 g of it to be converted from the liquid to the gaseous state 2. Evaporative cooling: The property of a liquid whereby the surface becomes cooler during evaporation, owing to a loss of highly kinetic molecules to the gaseous state C. Insulation of bodies of water by floating ice D. The solvent of life 1. Aqueous solution: A solution in which water is the solvent 2. Hydration shell: The sphere of water molecules around each dissolved ion 3. Hydrophilic: Having an affinity for water 4. Hydrophobic: Having an aversion to water; tending to coalesce and form droplets in water 5. Colloid: A mixture made up of a liquid and particles that (because of their large size) remain suspended in that liquid...
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