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Beowulf Analysis

Beowulf Analysis - Tyler Qahhaar Major British Per 3 Mr...

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Tyler Qahhaar Major British Per. 3 Mr. Marshall Beowulf Literary Analysis Paper Beowulf in my opinion is a literary masterpiece, and no, that’s not an English student trying to suck up to his teacher. This piece is so in depth and involved that it’s almost impossible to go through it once and feel that you’ve gained full understanding. But to decide on one symbol or reoccurring theme that makes itself prominent and represents itself in an impacting scene is almost impossible to do, so I won’t. Instead, I decided to choose a fragment that is the most important and essential part to this entire work, that being the conclusion of the story. Beginning with the end of the battle against the dragon and ending with Beowulf being sent off to sea. It encompasses the last few pages of Beowulf and represents the entire story, and each theme is indicated subtly but strong enough so that the previous reading all connects and makes sense.
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