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Tyler Qahhaar Major British Per. 3 Sermon on Penitence and Contrition Outline I. Understanding Penitence a. Definition i. The Mourning Of Man For The Sin That He Has Done b. Deed Required i. Baptism 1. Defects a. No Repentance For Previous Offenses b. Deadly Sins After Baptism c. Venial Sins After Baptism II. The Different Kinds Of Penitence a. Public i. Lent ii. Openly Spoken Of Sin 1. Open Penance Is Required b. General i. Enjoin Men Collectively In Certain Cases 1. Pilgrimages c. Private i. Men Do Continually For Their Sins 1. Confess Privately 2. Receive Penances Privately III. Reasons Of Contrition a. First Reason i. Remembrance Of Sinning b. Second Reason i. Sin Takes Over One’s Life c. Third Reason i. Fear Of Judgment Day ii. Horrible Pains Of Hell
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Unformatted text preview: d. Fourth Reason i. Memory Of The Good Left On Earth ii. Good Deeds Done While Living In Sin e. Fifth Reason i. Remembrance Of The Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ ii. God Has Lordship Over All f. Sixth Reason i. Hope 1. Forgiveness 2. Gift Of The Grace To Do Well 3. Heaven ii. Promises Found Within The Gospel IV. What Is There To Gain From Contrition a. Delivers Man From Sin b. Confession Is Nothing Without Contrition c. Weakens The Devil And The Prison Of Hell d. Restores Gifts Of The Holy Ghost e. Power Of The Good Virtues f. Cleanses The Soul And Protects It From The Pain Of Hell g. Transition Of Personality From Anger To Peace...
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