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US HISTORY FINAL!! - A New Start People want to do...

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Terms: Hamitic Theory Slavery Code Gabriel Prosser Paternalism Lowell Mills Terms: Alien & Sedation Act Louisiana Purchase Jacksonian Democracy Removal Trail of Tears Bank War A New Start People want to do something about the National Government, so all the states want to get together and do something. The Constitutional Convention meets for the first time and only 5 states send representatives--> so they cancel and reschedule. They meet again and 12 states show up..Rhode Island does not.. The VA Plan-Edmond Randolph and James Madison create a federal gov’t with different branches. “Each of the power unto itself…” Checks and Balances. They wanted to have a strong chief executive---> something that the articles of confederation did not have. They have a supreme court with justices that have a life time appointment It also lays out a proposal for legislation with 2 houses---> the upper house is elected by the lower. The # of reps is unspecified at this point. This causes a lot of controversy because it was written by a big state (VA) so the smaller states feel like they will not get equal power and representation. William Patterson- submits the New Jersey plan: Same Judicial plan as VA plan Strong chief exec BUT legislation gives = opportunities to big and small states. It was submitted in June and REJECTED almost immediately… The RESULT: they decide that each state in the upper house will have only 2 reps, so basically they combine the 2 plans (VA & NJ) One thing that was debated about was slavery; some northern states are already trying to get rid of it. The south on the other hand doesn’t want to get rid of it (b/c their economy depends on slave labor) they actually want the gov’t to count slaves in the population count of the state so that they can have more reps This is when they come up with the 3/5 th compromise: each slave would count as 3/5 th of a white person so that they can be added to the population. They lay a deadline to get out of Int Slave Trade by 1808. Now they are disputing about how long reps and senators and the executives should be in office for: House of Reps- 2 years President-4 years Senators-6 years They decide that the president will have mediocre power, not too strong but not weak either.
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They decide to have amendments so that controversial topics could be fixed in the written constitution. They needed to get this new constitution ratified by the states---> meaning it needs to be sold and advertised and promoted to get states to go for it. Federalist Papers- James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay They try to convince people to get support for the constitution; so they break it down for the ppl.
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US HISTORY FINAL!! - A New Start People want to do...

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