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Chpt 1 Questions - Chpt 1 Questions Why does the...

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Chpt. 1 Questions Why does the mitochondrion have both an outer and an inner membrane? Which of the two mitochondrial membranes should be—in evolutionary terms—derived from the cell membrane of the ancestral eukaryotic cell? In the electron micrograph of a mitochondrion identify the space that contains the mitochondrial DNA, i.e., the space that corresponds to the cytosol of the bacterium that was internalized by the ancestral eukaryotic cell. The mitochondrion has both an outer and inner membrane because it is derived from a bacterium that took it up. A large, anaerobic, ancestral pro-eukaryotic cell engulfed a small aerobic prokaryote This prokaryote became an endosymbiont by providing more efficient energy production Over evolutionary time, the endosymbiont loses many of its own self-replication and survival traits evolving into the mitochondrion The membrane derived from the aerobic bacterium is the inner membrane Within this membrane is the space that presumably is derived from the cytosol of ancestral aerobic bacterium which contains the DNA The outer membrane is the membrane presumably derived from the ancestral eukaryotic cell Your next door neighbor has donated $100 in support of cancer research and is horrified to learn that her money is being spent on studying brewer’s yeast. How could you put her mind at ease? Brewers yeast is a model organism When nutrients are plentiful it reproduces rapidly as a bacterium Its genome is small, yet the yeast carries out the basic tasks every eukaryotic cell
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Chpt 1 Questions - Chpt 1 Questions Why does the...

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