Bio 1 - lab midterm review

Bio 1 - lab midterm review - The Discovery Process Exp. I...

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The Discovery Process Exp. I Biology Is the Study of Life A theory is a unifying explanation that has withstood many attempts to falsify it through scientific investigation over a prolonged period of time The four unifying themes in biology: o The Cell Theory – All organisms are made of cells that store hereditary information in DNA o The Gene Theory – DNA sequences may be altered by mutation or by crossing over and segregation during meiosis o The Theory of Heredity – Changes in DNA sequences produce individual, heritable variation. Some of these changes result in individuals with physical characteristics that allow them to leave more offspring to the next generation than do other individuals. These individuals are considered to be more fit than those who have fewer offspring that survive adulthood o The Theory of Evolution – Since the variations in genes possessed by more fit individuals are passed in greater numbers to the next generation, over time, this differential reproductive success may result in a population of individuals that has accumulated enough changes. In DNA to develop into a new species. It’s history can be traced in the fossil record and the result can be seen in the diversity of life that surrounds us Science Begins with Observation Step 1: Observe and formulate questions o Make observations about the world around you
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Bio 1 - lab midterm review - The Discovery Process Exp. I...

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