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LECTURE NOTES 17 11 - LECTURE/6/07 Percentage of US adults...

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LECTURE NOTES 17 11/6/07 Percentage of US adults married by the age of 35 In 1960 87% of Women 88% of Men In 1999 71% of Women 69% of Men Courtship stages give romantic partners ways to escape before the consequences become too serious Courtship stages Stage 1: Couples interact as individual members of a larger group Stage 2: Interested part confides in a trusted group member who explores the possibility of reciprocal interest Stage 3: An approach is made Stage 4: Couple breaks off from the group and goes into seclusion A). Desire for complete disclosure B). Recreate personal histories Stage 5: The two rejoin the group as a couple Stage 6: Family members are informed of the relationship Stage 7: Pressure from families leads to a proposal of engagement Stage 8: Engagement and planning for wedding creates tremendous stress on the
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couple Stage 9: Wedding Sexual relations increase partners’ power over each other. The resulting stress can
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