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Lecture Notes 19 11 - Lecture/8/07 AIDS(Acquired Immune...

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Lecture Notes 19 11/8/07 AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Transmitted through HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) New Case in 2000 MSM- Men having sex with men (18,000) IDU- Injection drug users (10,000) Heterosexual contact (9,000) HIV is spread by injection drug users who share needles and heterosexual contact as well as by men having sex with men Edward O. Laumann et al. (1994) The Social Organization of Sexuality. U. Of Chicago, National Health and Social Life Survey completed 1992: 3400 respondents, strict random sampling procedures, very high completion rate, 80%, suggests high quality results. NUMBERS MEMORIZE!!!!!!!!!! Percent Who Report ever having Extramarital Sex by Gender and Birth Cohort Year Born Men Women 1933-42 (50-59 years old) 37.0% 12.4% 1943-52 (40-49 years old) 31.4% 19.9% 1953-62 (30-39 years old) 20.5% 14.5% 1963-74 (18-29 years old) 7.1% 11.7% Percent Who Report No Vaginal Intercourse Before Marriage by Birth Cohort and Gender
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Year Born Men Women 1933-42 (50-59 years old 26.4% 55.1% 1943-52 (40-49 years old) 19.0% 33.8%
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