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AEM 241 9.5 - essence(the loving relative who preserves the...

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AEM 241 Component Requirements Analyze the organization What is it, what are the unique properties? Analysis of the markets Who is the market? Describe it in detail SWOT Analysis Develop marketing plan objectives… what you want to accomplish (based on SWOT) Develop of promotional materials based on your objective to communicate your message to your target audience Component 1 Company Description (1 team member) o What is the business o What are the services Use a BCG matrix to describe service line Used to analyze a firm’s strategic business units (can be applied to a product line or individual product or band level pg. 29-31 in text) What does the company need help doing? o Market Summary Who are the target market(s)? o Market Needs What market need does your business hope to fulfill? Component 2 Strategic Focus and Plan (1 team member) o Vision/mission? o Brand footprint/positioning statement Brand footprint includes core values (highest quality, family moments), personality (warm, emotional, helpful),
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Unformatted text preview: essence (the loving relative who preserves the family’s stories) o Parenthesis are examples for Kodak Positioning • Positioning ins placing a product in a competitive frame of reference • And selecting a benefit it intends to own • In the mind of a well-understood core target consumer • Must answer the 3 big consumer questions: o What kind of thing is it o What is it especially good at (the benefit it intends to own)? o Who is it for (target audience)? o Goals? o Core competencies… what does the organization do better than anyone else? This requires research to determine this o Sustainable advantage… what will keep the organization in business? Component 3 • Situation Analysis (2 team members) o SWOT analysis o Product-market classification… new services, new markets A box w. market (existing new) and product (existing new) (check lecture notes for example) o Industry analysis—requires research o Competitors...
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AEM 241 9.5 - essence(the loving relative who preserves the...

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