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Com arts 325 - kind of effects – For example watching a...

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Com arts 325 Social scientist are also interested in the persuasive powers of mass mediated message(advertisement, propaganda, etc), the impact of new communication technology, the effects from political communications and much more. Communication can be any Action on others, an Interaction with others, and a Reaction to others. Different forms of communication: Interpersonal communication-personal communication. Media Communication-Email or telephone communication Mass communication-when you have your voice transmitted to a large number of viewers watching Communication may be through being through of as a cause that produces some
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Unformatted text preview: kind of effects. – For example, watching a sad movie and we start to cry; we listen to lecture and learn. • Interactional or transactional- communication between two people. • In an interpersonal conversation, the listener may offer immediate feedback to the initial talker. • Scholars make models to explain their theories and illustrate abstract notions regarding communication behavior. • Also models also help demonstrate the different processes of communication, whether linear, Interactional in nature. •...
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