The Bluest Eye - Chad Lombardo Theatre 120 (2:35) The...

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Chad Lombardo Theatre 120 (2:35) The Bluest Eye The Bluest Eye , written by Toni Morrison, viewed at the Mitchell Theatre on February 29 th . The Bluest Eye , often interpreted as a direct portrayal of the playwright herself, tells a story of two families in Ohio. An era filled with racism and segregation, the story takes place in the 1940s. Director, Derrick Sanders, had a tough job of getting more meaning out of the play than the rhetoric alone. Mr. Sanders uses the theatrical element, special relationship, to show a deep message behind the play. Sanders cleverly moves the actors and set to reveal the underlying mood of segregation that was present in America. Keeping the actors separated across the stage and having two different heights on the set, Sanders visually shows a feeling of segregation. The relationships between the actors go much further than the obvious knowledge of who the family and friends are. A deeper relationship shown by Derrick Sanders reveals the feeling of segregation in society. Less obvious to the audience, the special relationship between specific
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The Bluest Eye - Chad Lombardo Theatre 120 (2:35) The...

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