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finalexamfocussheet - Final exam focus sheet You should be...

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Final exam focus sheet You should be able to define these terms using your textbook and/or notes. Please ask a classmate for their notes if you are unable to find a specific term. . Actor-observer effect Assurances Attachment styles Basic characteristics of interpersonal communication Behaviors we engage in when we like someone Birds of a feather Bizarreness effect Blended emotions Brain dominance Characteristics of conflict Characteristics of nonverbal communication Chronemics Communication Accommodation Theory Conflict (stages-PFARF) Conflict management styles (AACCC) Culture and language style Domestic violence facts and definitions Dyadic communication Emotional intelligence Emotional management strategies Empathy Ethnocentrism Ethnopaulism Exit, neglect and loyalty Fact/inference Flaming Gender and language style Gustorics Hall’s high and low context Haptics Hofstede’s four cultural dimensions How we learn communication skills How we learn culture (remember- envelope and acquire?)
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